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I used to be drawn to controlling relationships, out of insecurity I guess. This is a new place of maturity, as me and my little family venture into the unknown together. I have become more aware of the dynamic that doesn’t bring out the best in me. We travel up the path to home with only the supervision of our heavenly Father. For example, imagine that the PCs are going from Waterdeep to Triboar.

If I run dating through the screen of my declaration of independence stated above, I come out with very little reason to keep myself on the online dating market. He’s seen more in his young life than I’ve seen in my entire lifetime.

I’ve declared my independence from the childish things, things that bring a temporary satisfaction, things that don’t bring out the best in me, things that don’t offer the very best to my boys and I.

I thank God for this growth, but it comes at a price. Everyone does it, it isn’t unbiblical, I’m not dishonoring God with my words or images.

For example, instead of taking the road from Waterdeep to Neverwinter, the PCs could book travel on a ship.

(Of course, the journey by ship merely presents a difference.

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