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You can really sweeten the deal-Ultra Suite 2.0 is available with optional Subscription Service, or upgrade to the Ultra Suite Enterprise Edition (includes subscription and guaranteed rapid response). by Dimitrios Tsonis Client/server application N-tier application .

Automatically receive all major upgrades (full version releases) and minor updates (enhancements and service releases) during your subscription period.* Make the most of your investment-you'll find the rewards can be "Suite". Business Business Business object 1 object 2 object n h Data 52 Clear Common C# Hurdles Learn how to avoid some of the most common gotchas when working with C# from two developers who have been using the language for real development for more than a year and a half, by Don Preuninger and Joe Dour Case 1 : Program Rets Object / Object B Object C Case 2: Object A Object B C# Explorer Manage C# Objects Managing objects takes more than conserving memory. NET garbage collector for efficient object management and increased performance.

Application Center 2000 makes scaling out easier, with unified Web application and server-farm management that simplifies tasks like cluster management and iindows" application deployment. * Mors I 1 1 Editor's Note by Patrick Meader 13 Reality Check by Elden Nelson 14 Letters to the Editor 17 First Looks 23 Product Listings 25 VS All-Stars 111 Index of Advertisers 112 Guest Opinion by Yasser Shohoud Customer Service: For subscription orders, inquiries, or address changes, call toll-free 866-387-8275 (for domestic subscribers), 850-682-7562 (for international subscribers), or 800456-5911; send a fax to 650-321-3818; send an e-mail to [email protected]@neodata.com; or write to Visual Studio Magazine, P. Specify the issue date, title of the article, the portion you would like to quote, and the purpose.

Plus, it makes it easy to achieve capacity on demand through automatic replication of applications when you add servers or make changes to existing applications. Photocopy Rights: Permission to photocopy for internal or personal use may be granted by Fawcette Technical Publications. © Fawcette Technical Publications, ail rights reserved.

Find out how to keep the odds in your favor: visit microsoft.com/applicationcenter Software for the Agile Business. All contents of Visual Studio Magazine are copyright © 2001 by Fawcette Technical Publications, unless otherwise noted. Rather than put a trademark symbol in every occurrence of othertrademarked names, we state that we are using the names only in an editorial fashion with no intention of infringementof the trademark.

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Visual Studio Magazine • October 2001 • com • com 7 FREE Cata 100 pages of products and information for developers!

Get a FREE subscription to our catalog by calling 800-445-7899 or subscribe at ' , Paradise Picks Mew Version!

.95 (CANADA .95) r ""25274V9382 1 0Color Combo cvc IMUTTCMTIHil Java • Active X • .

For detailed information, visit Free Trial Version! or call 800-231-8588 Infra gist ics Component powered infrastructure Copyright 200 1 Infragistics, Inc. Infragistics, the Infragistics logo, Ultra Suite, Data Explorer, Aarve Treevtew, Ultra Crid & Ultra Tool Bars are trademarks of Infragisrjcs, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Web server farms have always been known for providing high application availability in a cost-efficient manner. by Bill Wagner 64 Web Services Develop Interface-Based . The surface rate to Canada and Mexico is .97 per year and for all other countries, the air mail rate is .97 per year.

All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the respective property of their owners. Unfortunately, in the past they have also been known for manageability headaches. NET Web Services Separating interface from implementation isn't just for traditional component-oriented apps — its benefits apply to Web Services too. One year is twelve monthly issues plus two additional special issues at the basic annual subscription rate of .97. PRINTED IN USA Visual Studio Magazine • October 2001 • com • com 5 Content Management integrated with Defect and Change Tracking integrated with Requirements 3 i Projects ] SI' S Visual C Projects i -£ij . Back Issues: To order Visual Studio Magazine back issues, call 650-833-7100 or 800-848-5523 and ask for the customer service department. Additional postage will be charged to deliveries outside the USA.

Schedule multiple lines for each entity with a wide variety of time-bar styles. The ideal solution for employee and resource scheduling. The reaction to the name change has largely mirrored the re- action of developers to Visual Studio . Those who think Microsoft is moving in the right direction with .

NET and are ex- cited about the capabilities of that tool have generally welcomed the changes to the magazine.

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