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^'s, who had no comment in regards to this story, returned days later and rebuked the idea put forward by conspiracy theorists that they had in fact secretly eloped.When asked about her disappearance, especially in regards to the most recent popular theory put forward by conspiracy theorists given her last monthly quote of her possible suicide, Osis Nie displayed a surprising amount of nonchalance, responding "every reincarnation made her a little less useful".The problem seems mostly resolved for now with the nomination of an unofficial official unofficial replacement tracker which has been approved by unanimous consent.

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June 19, 2015 Tracker server died for a few hours yesterday.The public is encouraged to contact the authorities with any details they have if they have any details about these men/women/objects/groups.The GODM10 index closed up at 04926.13, representing an increase of 2.36%, and being in line with the overall market increase, which now includes over 3307 companies.The consulting company Triggorz released a hopeful analysis of this fast pace of growth despite the numerous celebrations and birthdays, being the birthday of approximately 8% of the population, that it is possible evidence that Plus Vee's attempts of quantitative easing is taking effect and that not all hope is lost for the missing Plus Vee.They are quick to add though that it could also just all be one big coincidence, and are asking for the government fund a study, preferably very large with much money involved, to investigate this possibility.

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