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By the mercy of God, it was completed in 2003, with only the final proof readings and corrections yet to be done. IN SECLUSION) FIVE MONTHS, SAYING, THUS (HAS) (or this is the way–NASB) THE LORD DEALT WITH ME (AT THIS TIME) WHEREIN HE LOOKED (with favor) ON ME, TO TAKE AWAY MY REPROACH (or public disgrace) AMONG (THE PEOPLE).Work on the Chronological 4 Gospel commentary continues to this day. AND IN THE SIXTH MONTH THE ANGEL GABRIEL WAS SENT FROM GOD (TO) A (TOWN) OF GALILEE, NAMED NAZARETH, TO A VIRGIN ESPOUSED (or engaged, or pledged) TO A MAN WHOSE NAME WAS JOSEPH, OF THE HOUSE (or descendants) OF DAVID; AND THE VIRGIN’S NAME WAS MARY.This may also be done, because the English word used several hundred years ago could be misunderstood in this generation. AND THE WHOLE MULTITUDE OF THE (ASSEMBLED WORSHIPERS) WERE PRAYING (OUTSIDE) AT THE (HOUR) OF (the) INCENSE (offering or burning).

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For example, Lk 1:5 is dated as happening 16 months before the birth of Jesus. and was crucified when He was about 33½ years, perhaps in our month of September or October. Where: Probably written in Ephesus to record Jesus’ signs (,31), so readers would believe in Jesus–ref .

A high percentage of pastors, elders, church workers and churchgoers have never read the entire Bible through even once. TO A VIRGIN ESPOUSED (or engaged, or pledged) TO A MAN WHOSE NAME WAS JOSEPH, OF THE HOUSE (or descendants) OF DAVID; AND THE VIRGIN’S NAME WAS MARY.

We cannot stress enough the importance of reading all the Bible. AND THE ANGEL CAME IN (TO) HER, AND SAID, HAIL (or Greetings, or Rejoice, or Shalom), (YOU) THAT (ARE) HIGHLY FAVORED, THE LORD IS WITH (YOU): BLESSED (ARE) (YOU) AMONG WOMEN.

Mt (the crucifixion of Jesus) is dated as happening 33 ½ years after His birth (or 0 days before 33 years plus 6 months). The Scripture verses were originally taken from the KJV Bible. Time period: From Adam to after Jesus ascended to heaven. Statistics: 21 chapters 878 verses 19,099 words Commentary Scriptures begin at pg. Should you wish to read the complete Chronological 4 Gospels as they appear in this column (minus the commentary), it is suggested that you use this column only or go to the Chronological 4 Gospels # 6.

It is generally agreed by most born-again Bible scholars that Jesus was born somewhere between 6 B. Many hours of research were spent examining each word or phrase carefully in relation to the JNT, NASB, NIV, and NKJV. For/to: Addressed to Theophilus, perhaps a community leader, or government, or Roman official. Statistics: 24 chapters 1151 verses 25,944 words Author: The apostle John. ******************************************* (HE) WAS IN THE BEGINNING WITH GOD. THE BEGINNING OF THE GOSPEL (or Good News) OF JESUS CHRIST (the Messiah), THE SON OF GOD; FORASMUCH AS MANY HAVE (UNDERTAKEN) TO (COMPILE) (or draw up) IN ORDER (AN) (ACCOUNT) OF THOSE (MATTERS) WHICH ARE MOST SURELY BELIEVED (or fulfilled, or have taken place) AMONG US, (JUST) AS THEY DELIVERED THEM (TO) US, (those) WHICH FROM THE BEGINNING WERE EYEWITNESSES, AND MINISTERS (or servants) OF THE WORD (or based on what was handed down to us by those who from the start were eyewitnesses and proclaimers of the message–JNT); (Therefore) IT SEEMED GOOD (or fitting) TO ME ALSO, HAVING HAD PERFECT UNDERSTANDING OF ALL THINGS FROM THE VERY FIRST (or having investigated everything carefully from the beginning–NASB), TO WRITE (TO) (YOU) IN (consecutive) ORDER (an orderly account), (YOUR EXCELLENCY) THEOPHILUS, THAT (YOU) (MIGHT) KNOW THE (EXACT TRUTH) OF THOSE THINGS, WHEREIN (YOU) (HAVE) BEEN (TAUGHT).

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