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From choosing where to live and work to understanding the culture of Singapore, our social network of expats is both informative and friendly; what could be better than making your decisions based on the experience of other people living in Singapore?Gain an invaluable insight into life as an expat in Singapore by getting to know fellow expats. I have just kissed off all hope of a future together. I have been apart from Jiyoung, womanless, for approximately 3 minutes. Coming up the street in the opposite direction is a woman so astonishingly beautiful that I actually put the still-wrapped Snickers bar into my mouth and break into a jog. As we chat, men are staring at Jenn as they walk past. I even see one guy walk past and then do a u-turn to look again! I like my Razr, it is a big step up from the phone I got when I first arrived to Korea. floor as the minions line up at the premium Italian espresso machine to pull shots of their liquid heroin; the brown muck that allows them to stave off sleep for hours on end and work punishing hours of overtime without pay. I call them Tall Friend and Zebra (she was wearing black and white stripes) because I forgot their names 30 seconds after they told me. One email with the following subject line looks promising, “Dear Blessed friend, REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE-STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.” The sender is one Dr. Gomez Kim eats like a pig and I want to be as far away from him as possible, but so does everyone else. Oblivious to anything and everything happening around him. Apparently, Dave was walking with his girlfriend along the Cheongge stream and a group of small Korean children pointed at him and shouted “Sam Hammington! He replies “You know, Trump’s wife Ivanka (it’s Melania) is from Yugoslovakia (she’s from Slovenia).” I chide him, “Yugoslovakia is not even a country, ” He responds “Oh really, are you sure you know geography? We need to fire everyone in the HR department because they obviously don’t screen anyone who applies. Turns out it is a sexual harassment awareness seminar conducted entirely in Korean by some company that does nothing but sexual harassment seminars. It is the big goodbye and I am feeling slightly regretful. I’m crossing the street while vaguely wondering what the future holds. They are manufactured by a benevolent God somewhere in the Korean countryside, in a place called Gyeonggi-do, or something. The phone was pre-paid so there was no way to recover the number. Instead, the taxi driver had my phone and all I was left with were the dreams of hope, and love, and happiness running through my fingers like sand. First, Tall Friend puked, and then Zebra puked after valiantly trying to point her head out the window. I scan the subject lines of all the emails, deciding to answer the ones that look positive now, and save the angry emails for later. English chat trying to make it back and forth over the table while being machine-gun riddled with excited Korean gossip from all directions. I switch seats with Gomez Kim so that I can sit at the edge of the table. Food and specks of food propelled from his gaping trap onto the table and into cups and side dishes.Singapore has a large community of expats, despite the city regularly being ranked among the most expensive cities in the world, as job prospects are high, and healthcare and education are of the highest standards.

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Open up your experience and meet like-minded people in Singapore through Inter Nations, with help and advice always on offer.

", "how much will an apartment cost for a family of four in Novena?

If you have specific questions about your new life in Singapore, such as "what is the childcare like close to Holland Village?

What's more, if you plan to move your family to Singapore, you will find some of the best childcare in the world, as well as a high quality of education for your kids — ranked the third best in the world.

While accommodation can be a little on the expensive side in Singapore, property is all relative, and if you are earning a good wage, you will be able to afford to live well in Singapore.

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