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I remember mapping out the city on graph paper as I went. One of the most popular game series for the commodore system.

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Very complex and hard to play it had a difficult interface. It was actually sort of an action game and had a 'donkey kong' like interface. It was supposed to be the 1st of 7 but on The City and The Dungeon got released.In the original game, players control pieces on a chessboard and fought against opponents in realtime arcade sequence to win the game.A great chess-like fantasy game for the old C64, pitting the forces of Light against Darkness (or somesuch). Anyone who ever played the game will no doubt remember the music. It was just a puzzle / strategy game, there were different shaped and different colored pieces and it would tell you before you started where each piece had to go, so then you have only one open space and you have to slide the pieces around in this box until you get the right colored shapes where they're suppose to go. Full court play, although you only really saw one half-court at a time. 2 dunk stiles, 3 point shooting, and stats given after the game. First Bball game to allow player adjustments -- post player or shooter, and allowed a certain number of rating points for each.

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