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Just about everything, including Sinclair Dinosaurs and a full sheet of 50 ’Artists for Victory’ (WW II).Also containing, NOT COUNTED Christmas & TB seals, charities, religious & wildlife labels, Nothing noted beyond the 1940s.Genom att punktbelysa delar av rummet eller av din inredning som du vill lyfta fram kan du verkligen lyfta helhetsintrycket i rummet.Rätt belysning gör verkligen mycket för din inredning!En lampa ska framför allt kunna erbjuda dig den belysning som du vill ha, och det finns ingen annan lampa som gör det på samma sätt som en bordslampa.Tack vare sin ofta väldigt lätthanterliga storlek, är den lätt att flytta på och ställa där du vill ha den, samtidigt som den passar på mängder av olika ställen.Somewhat disorderly, un-intact, many stuck or partially stuck but generally without other faults. Flat rate postage .10 Charming hand-painted flower watercolors, over 22 plus some other clip-art & related flower postage stamps (uncataloged). You are invited to comment on the contents or the conduct of this sale, tell us about what you would like to see in future sales, price ranges, etc.The collector value is in the watercolors, very well done, artist unknown. How can PSCC be helpful to your collecting interests…?

If other catalog numbers or references appear and are unknown to you, please ask for advice by email.

Du kan också välja att placera den på en sideboard i vardaggsrummet eller på byrån i hallen.

En bordslampa passar också perfekt som fönsterbelysning.

Non-US customers should add on per shipment for the cost of shipping to Canada, per shipment for the cost of shipping outside to other countries. - New titles include books by Kotai, Tanavoli, Tsareva. Articles: Andrews: The Turkmen wedding tent in historical context; Atlihan: The weavings of the Yuruks of the Fethiye Region in southwestern Anatolia; Barber: The archeological evidence for the evidence of weaving and carpets; Batari: The double-niche "Transylvanian" prayer rugs; Bieber: The technology of the use of natural dyes in Anatolia; Bier: Other pile-weavings from Safavid Iran - the Persian velvets at Rosenborg; Bohmer and Karadag: Dye analysis of Ottoman brocades and velvets from the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul, and other silk textiles; Bosch: Mamluk carpets - typology and design: Cole: Tibetan rugs.

Paul Kreiss, Proprietor Academic Committee of the 7th ICOC. Technique and design; Eagleton: Kurdish rugs of the Hartushi tribes of Turkey; Eiland: Speculations on the earliest surviving Chinese rugs; Dnez: Dye research on the prayer rugs of the Topkapi collection; Gassong: Statements on the age of Turkmen pile-work; Hassouri: Two halves of the same carpet; Klose: Connections between designs on Mughal flower carpets and textiles; Kossow: Safavid silk fragments; Parham: An introduction to the Khamseh confederacy of Fars; Pinkwart and Steiner: The conservation approach of North-west-anatolian Yuruk women to their traditional weaving; Piggenger: Prayer rugs of the Timuri and their neighbors; Ponchio: Historical background of the Pescocostanzo rugs; Rageth: Red and blue - west Anatolian sofra kilims; Stanzer: Moroccan tribal carpets from the region of Bushad; Tanavoli: Tacher from Chahar Mahal; Tunsch: Beziehungen in der Kompoisition und Ornamentik mamlukischer Bucheinbande und Teppiche Hard.

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