Manga kyou koi wo hajimemasu online dating

The guys are really similar, workaholics and from families with bigger businesses.

Similar to Kare First Love, it's about a shy timid girl who's unable to speak her mind but this manga doesn't have that plain girl transformation to a cute girl cause she's already cute to begin with in the manga.

From the first sight it looks like they don't really like each other, but later on, they relised they are ment to be together. Readers are led to believe that the protagonists in both mangas have a genuine romance which is true and deep.

Ren Ai is much more dramatic and presents the reader with the content at a full on speed, whereas Kare First Love has a great storyline also, but is extremely sentimental, and shows the point of view of many characters throughout.

Both are about girls that never had neither a boyfriend or friends, but that suddenly change when she meets a hot guy and fall in love with them.

Both great read, with good characters, nice comedy and nice romance.

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