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Most hostels also have an onsite restaurant and bar which offers excellent value meals.

Many of the hostels are located in heritage buildings that have been gifted by YHA members and patrons so you can also expect a lot of character.

Bus, train or car-what is the best way to explore England?

Fortunately, England has an excellent public transport network that makes it quite easy to explore the country by coach or by train. Contrary to popular opinion, taking the train in England can be affordable, as long as you do not make the mistake of buying your tickets on the day when it can pretty expensive. To help you plan your trip across England in the best possible manner, I suggest using the travel planning tool, Go Euro.

My other top recommendation is to checkout staying at one of YHA’s newly refurbished hostels.

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The gourmet coffee here is fantastic, (made with coffee beans from Union Roasters) far better than the Costa Coffee across the road. Next door, you can pop into Vinegar Jones who do amazing fish and chips ( with curry sauce if you prefer) Lovely crispy, light batter and beautiful fresh fish with fat chips.I recently completed a 2 week road trip across England with my friend and filmmaker, Peter Parkorr from Travel We created an itinerary that gave us a balance of the best of what England has to offer.We’ve missed out on exploring some places like Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Liverpool, Cornwall, Norfolk, Northumberland and obviously London which we hope to cover on a second roadtrip across England at some point next year.Another reason I love visiting Bowness on Windermere is grabbing some bird feed and feeding the swans , ducks and geese.If you’re feeling peckish, definitely recommend trying a cheese and onion pasty ( £3.50 ) at Pasty Presto.

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