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Flag was taken again and the squad had to protect him lest they become the casualties.

After they had cleared the rooms, the squad was pinned again by enemy fire, but Deadshot managed to convince El Diablo to use his powers to help relieve the team.

The Enchantress betrayed them and joined up with her brother and avoided her death.

After Incubus had awakened, the team was assembled and brought to the city to evacuate and extract an unknown target.

She then waited as Incubus built up his powers and after doing so, he possessed Gerard Davis, beginning to wreak havoc on Midway City.

Rick Flag and a team of ARGUS soldiers were deployed with Enchantress to back them up.

Task Force X soon arrived in Midway City where Incubus has already assembled an army of monstrous soldiers to defend him and Enchantress as they built up their weapon.She then rode on the next helicopter to attempt to leave the city, only for Incubus to shoot the helicopter down and take Waller prisoner, bringing her to Enchantress and her weapon.The task force then traveled to the crash site, and Deadshot found out the truth about Enchantress, enraging him and forcing Flag to tell the truth.Their helicopter was promptly shot down, but all of the members of Task Force X survived and they got out accompanied by ARGUS soldiers, heading to stop Incubus and Enchantress.Shortly after the squad went in, Captain Boomerang managed to convince Slipknot to escape, suggesting that the nano-bombs were a fakeout.

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