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The list provides all the information necessary for identification of magazines, more and less well-known, with news, when possible, on the “history” of each of them.

The periodicals closed for many years are generally excluded, except when there are still reasons for reference (eg. Revistă editată de Uniunea Scriitorilor din România ['Vita Romena.

The following list is the result of a selection made from over 3700 journals examined, considered on the basis of a fourfold order of membership: A) magazines of Italian language and literature, presumably to counting in full; B) magazines of general culture, of comparative studies, etc.., giving ample space to issues of language and/or Italian literature, but not limited to these, and whose counting therefore should be selected; C) magazines of a generic nature (eg., Proceedings and Memoirs of academies, universities and cultural Societies, magazines or medieval studies of Romance Philology, General Linguistics, and the like), in which the presence of contributions of interest for Italian studies is likely, but not necessary, and in any case smaller compared with other contributions; D) journals that normally don’t contain contributions of Italian studies, but could include (eg., Magazines of ancient studies rebuilding the “luck” of classical authors or studying poets and writers of humanistic ages, journals of the history of science about Galilei or other scientific writers, journals in the history of political thought referring to Dante or Machiavelli or Cuoco, musicology journals on Metastasio and Boito or Da Ponte, journals of economics or economic history about Galiani or Genovesi, and the like ), in which will eventually be a presence of studies to be cataloged for the Bigli.

We decided of exclude non-scientific journals, but without any rigidity, and it was decided in doubtful cases for their inclusion rather than exclusion, delegating the evaluation of individual contributions to the cataloguers.

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