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The December 31 deadline applies only to nominating.

To vote on the final ballot, you must be a member of Worldcon 75 San José.

After being given the news that he was going to be cast as the husband of Julia Roberts' character, Bryan Cranston went on an accelerated workout and diet regiment. Cranston claimed it was an attempt to come as close as possible to convince people that his character would be married to someone like Roberts, by having a younger looking character.

See more » Every scene with Lamar had him smoking a pipe; however, it was always the same pipe.

If you enjoyed Forest Gump, you'd most likely enjoy this one - even if the feel-goodness sets in slightly more subtly.

One final thing - I've never written a review for any movie before, ever.

You do not need to be an attending member of any of these conventions to nominate, only a supporting member.

(The final ballot deadline has not yet been announced.) Continue reading The 20 Worldcons will present Retrospective Hugo Awards for the years 19, the two conventions announced jointly at SMOFCon 35, the annual SF/F conrunners convention, in Boston on December 2, 2017.Looked it up on IMDb; not so good - an average of 5/10. The actors were good enough that I felt connected, and that's as good as it ever has to be.As for the plot - nothing jaw-droppingly complicated and twisted, but then again neither was Forest Gump. Don't expect character development to blow you away, but it did, at the very least, impress me.We also expect the relevant Worldcons to also make announcements at that time.If you are a member of the 2017, 2018, or 2019 Worldcons as of December 31, 2017, you are eligible to nominate for the 2018 Hugo Awards when nominations open in early 2018.

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