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People that had owned land for years or decades were suddenly told that they could either sell their land to council for peanuts, or invest in lawyers to attempt compensation through the courts.Numerous divorces and even some suicides have been blamed on this townplan that ruined many people's lives.Not because there were any health or safety concerns, and the judge even admitted that they were manufacturing a high-quality product, but simply because they were not accredited cheese makers!Never mind they had built a reputation over 37 years with high quality cheese!

The punishment for illegally killing one of the Top End's 70,000 crocodiles is a fine of up to ,000 for an individual and 5,000 for a company - or up to five years' jail.The Australian court system recognizes in certain cases the ancient Aboriginal tribal laws where offenders are punished for their actions by members of the victim's family.For instance in the case of a murder in 2002 in Central Australia, Alice Springs magistrate Michael Ward ordered the murderer be taken to Nyrripi, about 450km west of Alice Springs, where he would suffer traditional Aboriginal justice, or payback, at the hands of the victim's relatives who speared Webb no less than 13 times and also broke his ankle during a ceremony that was witnessed by police and health workers!In the late 1980s a Canberra politician was doing a few calculations and worked out that a certain percentage of people in hospitals were there for bicycle accidents so if they were made to wear helmets there would be a few percent less injuries so the country could save a few dollars.It quickly became law throughout Australia but the Northern Territory resisted for some time to implement this ridiculous law. Many Territorians protested and argued that it should be up to individuals to protect themselves, if the government wanted to save money on medical care they should also have sunscreen police on the beaches, posture police to check your chairs etc.

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