Bishounen dating

Now I have to admit, these guys are pretty stereotypical in terms of characteristics.For instance, Igarashi instantly gives me the classic suitor type that never seems to give up until he gets what he wants.The point is, the show isn’t really much more about serious drama or realism.

Honestly, I’m more borderline between fine and so-so because the overall quality isn’t impressive.

This is accomplished by the numerous suitors that seeks to capture her heart.

The fun catch is that Kae is more interested in seeing the suitors paired with each other.

Furthermore, she ships about her classmates in awkward fantasies.

So on surface, you can pretty much say that she’s a girl that may have a hard time making real friends. That is, she does certainly lose a lot of weight after the death of one of her favorite anime characters. How can this show really make a character like Kae likable?

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